v1.0 features:

* Show TITLE ID above the cover
* Re-add disc_less mode in pl3 (but this time it works)
* Fix mem patching on Hermes (now it’s enabled ONLY on game launching)
* Merge from OpenBM 1.17.1 to fix disc-less mode without any discless menu option (PL3 only)

Download it here or better yet get it through the PS3 Homebrew Manager!

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moh.sakhaii released his Open Manager 1.14 that allows users to manage and use backed-up games.
• Prevents crashing after quitting to the XMB using the PS button
• Changes the icon
• Corrects grammatical errors and typos
Sounds pretty cool. Remember, don’t pirate games. This is just for legally backed-up games.

Discussion: Here
Download: Here
Source: moh.sakhaii

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