Yes, you’ve read it correctly! The PlayStation Store is finally up! This is the latest part of the PSN update that brings back the entire PlayStation Network. One thing many people were looking forward to was the customer appreciation package where, in America, you get your choice of 2 free PS3 games, 1 PSP game, a month of Qriocity and PSN+, a lot of free virtual stuff on PlayStation Home, and many, many more cool things. If you live somewhere else, your appreciation package will be slightly different, but rest assured, you will be getting a lot of nice goodies.
No word on when the customer appreciation package will be released, but it’s rumored to be very soon. (Within the next few days!)
If you live in Japan, you will still need to wait for he return of the PlayStation Network. Sorry about that!

What are you guys looking forward to in the appreciation package? Or are you just happen to be able to play games online? Do you think this is coming too late? Click here to tell us in our forums!

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