squarepusher2 has just released a new version of the SNES9x emulator.

Here is the changelog:

Build 4.3.8 (23-10-2010) – rev. number 768cf9df52
* Updated to new SNES9x version – now runs the following games that didn’t work previously (or had noise instead of sound):
- Earthworm Jim 2
- NBA Hangtime
- MS Pac Man
* PSGL driver built and in use – speed is now better at 1080p than it was previously at 480p. There’s still a resolution switch, but there’s no need anymore to switch to 480p – speed is the same at 1080p as it is on 480p, and it’s damn good for the record. Enjoy.
* All resolutions supported now
* Added simple hardware filtering settings – Linear Interpolation and Point Filtering. Shaders will come later.
* Added Aspect Ratio settings – 4:3 and 16:10 (HDTVs with 16:9 aspect ratio might experience that on 16:10, the screen might be slightly cut-off. We’re working on a proper aspect ratio setting for 16:9)
* Can now load configurable settings from snes9x.conf file stored in the USRDIR folder. Saving of this file will come in the next release.
* Will now select the highest resolution your TV/monitor can support – so is no longer set to default at 480p.
* No more performance difference between 1.92 pkg and 3.41 pkg.

Download it here or get it put straight on your PS3 via the Homebrew Manager

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