Well, it turns out that Sony has an update to add to the overall system stability and help out with preventing piracy that can be enabled with the latest pseudo-signing tricks that the PSP hacking community (most notably Mathieulh) has sent out. It’s said that our signed homebrew will work on all of Sony’s official firmwares, though, right? Well, does it work?
The answer is yes, our homebrew does work! This is great news! But, what does this new firmware add? Well, it adds preventative measures to using an HEN to enable homebrew launching from the XMB and a few other naughty PSP homebrew. So, should you update to it? For the first time ever, I think we can safely say that if you want to, go ahead. There’s plenty of homebrew that works and it will take very little time for a new release of the HEN to work on these official firmwares. Sorry Sony, but you cannot stop what has started…

Source: Wololo & Sony

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fl0PPsy’s own port of PSGroove with Hermes v4b for Rockbox devices — a whole lot of ‘em. You’ll need Rockbox installed prior to hacking your PS3, so do that here first. Well actually, maybe you should first see if your device is compatible or not.

iPod 4G Greyscale
iPod 4G Photo
Gigabeat S
Gogear hdd 1630-1830
Gogear hdd 6330
Gogear hdd 9200
iRiver H10
iRiver H10 5G
iPod mini 1g
iPod mini 2g
M-Robe 100
Sansa e200
Sansa c200v1
iPod nano 1g
iPod Video 5G
Vibe 500

Download: PSGroove Rockbox Hermes v4b


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