ps3 firmware update

Later tonight we’ll be releasing an optional system software update (v4.11) for PlayStation 3. This minor firmware improves certain aspects of system software, and is not mandatory to connect to PSN.

Again, this update is optional in the US and Canada, and can be downloaded by selecting System Update from the Setting column of the XMB.

See more on the playstation blog.

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PlayStation 3 developer PS3Hen has released some updates regarding his Hybrid Firmware 4.0. This firmware mod requires a hardware flasher as well as a PlayStation 3 that is on custom firmware 3.55. With this release you will need to patch the firmware yourself with instructions below. Changes include the XMBFM ported by PS3Hen, released by DeViL303, PS2 game disk recognition and icon changes.

To Quote:

I’m not going to make you re-download another 180MB PUP file, Instead I’ve decided to release a patch which has all the tools required to patch my Version 2 pup to be Version 2.5 (although when the link for the version 2 pup gets taken down I’ll release a version 2.5 pup). The patch files can be downloaded here:

Just like before only retail signed .PKG can be installed with this. Have fun. THIS HFW WILL NOT ALLOW HOMEBREW!

Change Log: Version 2.5

  • Fix’s Custom Icons/labels not showing in-game
  • Using Version 0.07 of the XMB File Manager (ported to FW 4.00 by me)
  • PSN content waiting to be installed/copied now only shows in the (Playstation Network Content) sub menu of the XMB File Manager (I noticed the XMB File Manager used the wrong internal link to show PSN content so I fixed this)
  • PS2 game discs show as “Playstation 2 Format Disc” instead of “Unrecognised Data” on Non-BC PS3s
  • The XMB File Manager uses a custom icon(see picture)
  • The “Playstation Network Content” now uses a (IMO) better icon

How to install the 3.2 Update Patch:

  1. Install PS3MFW Builder v0.2.1
  2. Copy the ‘change_xml_files.tcl’ file to the ‘task’ folder of PS3MFW Builder
  3. Put my “modded FW 4.00(releasev2).PUP” as the “Original fw” and whatever you want as the “Modified fw”
  4. Uncheck every thing except “PS3HEN’s 4.00HFW Patch 1″
  5. In “PS3HEN’s 4.00HFW Patch 1″ link each file on the task page to the ones in the “Dev_flash files to be patched” folder in this package
  6. Select “Build MFW”

Download: PS3 4.00 HFW v2.5

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Coinciding with the release of PS3 Firmware 3.70, Sony has released a minor update for PSP — PSP Firmware 6.60 — which is said to patch some1′s 6.39 kernel exploit … and that’s about it.

The good news is, if you’re following neur0n, you’ll see he’s already made some progress — new tags, new keys … he even posted this picture:


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Don’t update your PS3 if you plan to keep your homebrew on your PS3 because the new update prevent homebrew on our consoles! But how?! Apparently, this update contains another special file to check the signatures on PS3 games and since they’re only pseudo-signed, Sony can easily detect the difference. What features does this update add? None. Just “security patches.”
This may be sad news, but we’re sure that the encryption method just needs to be tweaked a tiny bit and the hacks will be re-released with the new encryption very soon. ;)

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Well, it turns out that Sony has an update to add to the overall system stability and help out with preventing piracy that can be enabled with the latest pseudo-signing tricks that the PSP hacking community (most notably Mathieulh) has sent out. It’s said that our signed homebrew will work on all of Sony’s official firmwares, though, right? Well, does it work?
The answer is yes, our homebrew does work! This is great news! But, what does this new firmware add? Well, it adds preventative measures to using an HEN to enable homebrew launching from the XMB and a few other naughty PSP homebrew. So, should you update to it? For the first time ever, I think we can safely say that if you want to, go ahead. There’s plenty of homebrew that works and it will take very little time for a new release of the HEN to work on these official firmwares. Sorry Sony, but you cannot stop what has started…

Source: Wololo & Sony

Discussion: In the forum

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As Sony goes on to make a (unfair) lawsuit against Hacker Extraordinar, GeoHots, G4 interviews the defense to take his side of the story.

This case can have a major impact on the entire gaming population. If GeoHots wins, the gaming population should no longer live in fear of corporation lawsuits for modifying their already purchased devices. This can be seen in a previous court case Mr.Hots has won against Apple, where the DMCA was modified to allow for our Mobile Devices to be modified legally. Unfortunately this modification specifically says “Mobile Devices” and not “All Owned Devices” thus allowing Sony the lawsuit.

Sony and its case seems weak fortunately. Sony is calling GeoHots exploit a way for hackers to pirate games on their console, while GeoHots digresses that his exploit is specifically modified to allow homebrew, but not pirated games.

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The PS3

Looks like we’ve seen a lot of cool stuff come out for the PS3 in regard to their highest firmware, 3.50. Recently, a jailbreak has been released, along with a downgrader to allow users to downgrade to 3.41 or any other firmware they please. (Even ones that include OtherOS!!)
Check out of these great demonstration videos!

To downgrade, you’re going to have to have the E3 card, the downgrade BIN, and the modified PUP files:
Download the E3 downgrader: Here
Download the modified PUP update: Here

As you can see, you don’t need to downgrade to run the jailbreak! :P
For now, you’re going to have to wait for a download, though… :O

Discussion: Here
Source 1: Here
Source 2: Here

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