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Looks like we’ve seen a lot of cool stuff come out for the PS3 in regard to their highest firmware, 3.50. Recently, a jailbreak has been released, along with a downgrader to allow users to downgrade to 3.41 or any other firmware they please. (Even ones that include OtherOS!!)
Check out of these great demonstration videos!

To downgrade, you’re going to have to have the E3 card, the downgrade BIN, and the modified PUP files:
Download the E3 downgrader: Here
Download the modified PUP update: Here

As you can see, you don’t need to downgrade to run the jailbreak! :P
For now, you’re going to have to wait for a download, though… :O

Discussion: Here
Source 1: Here
Source 2: Here

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A day many of you have been waiting for is finally here. The folks on 3.42 and 3.50 firmware will no longer have to sit on the sidelines. We’ve been exclusively informed by HolidayCarts, an official PSJailbreak distributor, that the PSJailbreak Team is set to unveil their new website:

To quote the website: “PS Downgrade is a software add on that connects with your existing PS Jailbreak device. In 1 minute or less you can downgrade your consoles firmware to any previous firmware.”

As mentioned above, PS Downgrade is not a new chip, but it is the much anticipated software update to the original PSJailbreak chip. The update will be available for customers who have a valid serial, of the original PSJailbreak chip.

It’s interesting to note, that the downgrade can only be used once. Our source explained “1 time downgrade, cannot downgrade more then once, or to a lower firmware after you choose which firmware”

Another website has also surfaced, This one showcases the following video, offering visual evidence of the downgrade. The site was up prior to any news being posted and uses similar graphics to which leads us to believe it is another official partner.

Source: psgroove

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