The developer AerialX released PSL1GHT. It is an Open Source Software Development Kit, which will compile your homebrew for your PS3. This is a huge step as it allows Homebrew developers to make homebrew that is legal for the PS3.

Some notes

PSL1GHT is a lightweight PlayStation 3 homebrew SDK, provided as a temporary
way to compile user apps to run from the XMB using the open-source PS3
toolchains available.


A GCC toolchain that supports the PowerPC 64bit architecture is required to
build PSL1GHT and its samples.
[This]( is the only toolchain
that I test with and can guarantee support for.
[ps3chain]( probably works just as
well, as should marcan’s [AsbestOS](
toolchain, and ooPo’s [ps3toolchain](
Some toolchains will probably already use newlib, and may make the included
newlib unnecessary.


At the moment, PSL1GHT has basic libc support, with stdout debugging, file
access, etc. It doesn’t have any way to access the screen/graphics. You can
call lv2 syscalls and do some fun stuff with that, but it doesn’t link to
PS3 dynamic libraries yet which is where all the exciting functionality
comes in. Also, a make_fself equivalent is still missing.

Check out the Git Depot

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