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Do you want to be able to create some awesome grapahix like we do here? Are overpriced Paint programs holding you back? Well now theres a solution!



One of our members, asddasit has provided us with a list of programs you can use to subtitute Photoshop. The list includes

-GIMP for windows



-VCW VicMan's Photo Editor




For complete details for these programs and their download links go Here

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Hello all, Reigo80 and I am proud to say we finally got the results in from our 1st annual Graphixbrew signature contest!

 As we promised, the winners will recieve prizes for their effort and time staring at their computer monitors and producing pixel perfect images!

The winners are:







.Yunoko – Our grand prize winner! We can best decribe his signature to have a "unique design". He will recive a custom title, and a custom userbar!







TK421 – Our second prize winner! He has won second place by using hi won "Outstanding" techniques. He will recive a   custom userbar.







And our last, but not least 3rd place winner will either choose to have his name here or a custom userbar.


Kudos to our Top 3!








But wait, theres more! Since it is around christmas time,  and i want to show them that trying can accomplish, I have decided to award them a Participation Avatar.




Feliz Navidad!

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For those of you who don’t know GIMP is a free, photo-editing program similar to Photoshop. It consists of similar tools and can perform some of the Photoshop tutorials in the Tutorials section here at graphixBrew. To download GIMP visit and continue to the downloads section.

There will soon be more and more GIMP tutorials that will be posted my me and other members. I personally will be re-writing some Photoshop tutorials for GIMP users to use (With permission from the Tutorial authors). If you need brushes for GIMP, private message me and I will tell you where to get some.

Also, if you are having any trouble understanding or working with GIMP, feel free to private message me or other GIMP users (Who will comment on this article so you know that those are the people to PM for help) and we will try and sort out your problem and make it easier to use.

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Graphixbrew's Official Signature Contest – Details

Did you ever make a signature that was breath-taking? Or have you ever wanted to make one?
Well now you can enter that sig and get it judged, At
Graphixbrew's First Official Signature Contest. See below for details

1st Place gets

-Custom title (a reasonable one)  **MAYBE**
-mentioned on the front page
-Custom Userbar

2nd Place gets

-mentioned on the front page
-custom userbar

3rd Place gets

-custom userbar
-Mentioned on the front page

1. No ripping, you will be disqualified and banned if you do.
2. It has to be your own work
3. Must not exceed 530×150 Pixels
4. This is a freestyle Contest
5. Renders and C4D's May be used
6. All material in the renders must be appropriate for viewers under 18.
7. No racial or sexual content
8. You may ONLY submit ONE signature

Contest starts November 25th, 2007 and ends December 20th.

Enter HERE


We MIGHT be able to issue custom titles, however if we cannot, we will have a different prize for you.

Dont have Photoshop or a decent paint program? if so PM ME.

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As you all know, has been dead for a while. But with me (Reigo80) and blackzmage on the job, this site should be back up and running in no time Tongue out.

Help to revive by telling your friends about us and how they can learn some pretty cool stuff about graphics. Also, come here more often and see what's up.


We might be holding some competitions as well, so get your graphics hats on and practice making some mind-blowing artwork!




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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year
The Staff on the Brew network wish everyone a Happy New Year!
We remind you, this is just the beginning of brew and we want everyone to stay active and participate!
We can't wait for what 2007 has to offer for us. So stick around and have fun!
Happy New Year
From, Your staff here at Brew
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photoshopcs2 logo

For the first time ever, Adobe is delivering a widely available Photoshop CS3 beta to enable customers to more easily transition to the latest hardware platforms, particularly Apple's new Intel based systems. The beta is available as a Universal Binary for the Macintosh platform as well for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista computers, with the final shipping release of Adobe Photoshop CS3 planned for spring 2007.

I don't have it on my computer but I have tried it and it is really great. You can do so much more than with cs2, but its a little confusing at first so you need to put in some time. So you might want to stick with CS2 right now until CS3 is out or until you have some time to play around.

More Info Here

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Merry Christmas!

As you can see we have:
1) Re-launched
2) launched
3) launched
4) launched

So you will see that we have missing images in many places (or the logos that are temp). If you are good at graphics help us here!

Saved Games and the pack generator are almost ready to become a live feature on all sites. Please give us any feedback that you think will help us!

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As we consider ourselves a community site we decided why not let our community make our logo and forum buttons?! The Winner will get their name displayed on the pages, saying that they created the GFX, ie "Logo made by John Doe." as well as a special forum status ;)

So this contest has 2 parts: (1) The logo, and the (2) forum buttons.

   – 311 Pixels Wide and 96 Pixels Tall (311×96)
   – Keep it simple.
   – Must Say

 Large Buttons (40×40)
   -New Post in Forum
   -No New Post in Forum
   -Locked Forum
 Small Buttons (15×15)
   -New Post
   -No New Post
   -New Post (Locked)
   -No New Post (Locked)
   -New Post (Sticky)
   -No New Post (Sticky)

For more information and to submit yours go here

Check and for examples!

Good Luck and Happy Graphix!

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Happy Holidays!

We are proud to launch! This site has been requested for sometime from quite a few graphix masters we have in our other forums. So here it is!

This isnt just a place for graphix masters. Ask around… many of the people who you see around have learned and gotten that good from other people on the forums.

I wish I could have brought all the other graphix forum content over but this wasnt possible, so we have to start over from scratch. But im sure this wont be too much of an issue for you guys ;)

I want your suggestions, comments and help in making this exactly what you guys want

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