Nik (also known as MonkeyMaximus) has just released the third Java Applet in the PS3 Homebrew Suite on called the PS3 Update Finder!! It goes perfectly with the previously released tools to download homebrew straight to your PS3 from the internet and to download PSN content without the need to log into the PSN!! It was only a little while ago that the homebrew manager was released to save people much time. No longer did they have to get their homebrew from online sources from all over and install them onto their computers, and then FTP them over to the PS3. The site does it automatically. And guess what! It’s very, very secure! We store no personal information on our sites, whatsoever!

What exactly does this new Applet do? Well, it’s an Update Finder that is based in Java so it isn’t limited to solely the Windows OS. All you have to do is enter your Game ID for the game you want to search for, and a list of updates and patches will be returned that you can easily cue up to be downloaded all at once. That simple.
Come check out the new Java-Based Applet over at today!
-Complete Suite Below Finally Released-
PS3 Update Finder:
PS3 Homebrew Manager:
PS3 PSN/PKG Download Manager:


Note: Nothing on this site is illegal content and is very secure. We do not log your information you put in. :D And it’s free!

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